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The Society was formed in 1999 to carry out research into the history of the Ogmore Valley, to collect and collate documents, photographs and other historical evidence relating to the Ogmore Valley. The Society intends to preserve products of these studies in the form of appropriate publications, photographs, CD ROM`s, Videos, DVD`s and various electronic media.

For the purposes of the Society, the “Ogmore Valley” is deemed to include the habitations of Blackmill, Glyn Llan, Glynogwr, Lewistown, Nantymoel, Pricetown, Ogmore Vale, Pant-yr-Awel and Wyndham, together with their environs. These districts fall within the ancient parishes of Llandyfodwg and Llangeinor.

Peregrine Falcon.

Nant-yr-hebog 'the stream of the hawk or falcon', recorded as early as 1584-85 for the small stream flowing into the Ogmore river through what is now Lewistown.

Red Kite

Red Kite. Rhiw-barcud ‘hill-slope of (the) kite’, the precipitous north-eastern slope of Braich-yrhydd above the upper reaches of the Ogmore river.

The Inn Hotel,

The Inn Hotel, Nantymoel Built in c.1865-70, oldest public house in the valley.

James Llewellyn Davies VC

James Llewellyn Davies VC. From Ogmore Vale killed in action, 31st July 1917 at Pilkem Ridge, Belgium during WWI.

Federation Stone

1990 Miners Memorial (Federation Stone). Moved to the former site of the Wyndham Colliery in 1990 as a memorial to all miners killed in the valley.

Red Deer

Braich-yr-hydd ‘the mountain spur of the stag’ and two other place-names Carn-yr-hyddod and Ton-yr-hydded attest to the former presence of red deer in the area.

Iolo Morganwg

Iolo Morganwg. Winner of three chairs in the Aber Cwm-y-Fuwch Eistedfodd of 1767. Another eisteddfod was held at Aber Cwm-y-Fuwch farm in 1771 in which he again attended.

Gwalia Stores

Gwalia Stores opened in 1880, Commercial Street, Ogmore Vale. By 1916, Gwalia Stores comprised a bakery, ironmongery, grocery, gentlemen's outfitters, chemist and a section selling animal feeds. Members of staff slept in the attics and were paid 8 shillings (40p) per week. It closed in 1973 and was moved to the St Fagans Museum in 1988.

Cory Brothers Generating Plant

Cory Brothers Electricity Generating Plant was officially opened in 1926 at Ogmore Vale at a cost of £750, 000. It eventually supplied electric light and power to 13 collieries in the Rhondda, Neath and Ogmore Valleys together with three Urban District Councils. The plant was closed in 1944.

Wyndham Colliery

Wyndham Colliery Sunk in 1865 produced both House and Steam coal, employed 1,332 men by 1918. During 1957 the colliery was linked underground with the nearby Western Colliery, with coal from the combined unit being raised at Wyndham. Wyndham/Western closed in 1984. The tips have subsequently been landscaped or removed.

Ocean Colliery

Originally known as “Edwards Pit”, sunk in 1872. It was subsequently called Blaenogwr Colliery, then variously Western Colliery, Ocean Colliery and Ocean Western Colliery. By 1945, over 900 men worked here. It was linked underground with the nearby Wyndham Colliery in 1957. The two collieries were then merged in 1965 and were known as Wyndham/Western. It closed in 1984.

Lynn "The Leap" Davies

Lynn Davies born in Nantymoel in 1942 won an Olympic gold medal in the long jump in 1964 with a mark of 8.07 metres (26 ft 6 in), earning himself the nickname "Lynn the Leap". Davies was also the 1966 European champion in the long jump and was the silver medallist three years later.

Llys cwm llorog Farm

First mentioned in 16th century Margam Abbey Charter Rolls now in ruins stands in an exposed position on the West side of the Ogmore valley at an elevation of 250 metres, directly above Pwll-y-pant Cemetery in Ogmore Vale.

Grade II Listed Finger Post

Grade II Listed Finger Post

Pont y Frithwaun Bridges

Three Bridges, one dating to 16th century when part of only two roads through Glamorgan. Three bridges all bear the name of Pont-y-Frithwaun with the earliest dated 1729 and reputedly built by William Edwards, builder of the old bridge at Pontypridd that it resembled in design. This crossing point is one of the two original roads known in Glamorgan.

Rhondda Main Colliery.

Rhondda Main Colliery. 25th August 1909 to 8th November 1924.

Blackmill Viaduct.

Built for the Cardiff & Ogmore Railway in 1876 to move coal from the Ogmore Valley collieries to Llanharan. The ironwork from the viaduct was removed in 1942 but the stone piers can still be seen from ‘Meadow View’, on the left just beyond the A4061 river bridge. It was closed in 1938.

The Ogmore River

The Ogmore River was, prior to industrialisation, one of the finest Salmon rivers in the Principality. In its industrial heyday, the river was very polluted and very few fish would be seen along much of its length, although brown trout survived in many of the smaller tributaries. From the 1980s onwards, salmon and sea-trout started returning to the river in ever-increasing numbers.

Windsor Davies.

Windsor Davies. 1930 – 2019, a former pupil of Ogmore Grammar School. Lived in Nantymoel. Davies' best known role was as Battery Sergeant Major Williams in the British sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Enterprise Original design worked on by local man Prof. Lyn Davies (not Lyn the Leap) of Ogmore Vale.

Klondike Collieries

Three Wheels (Klondike Collieries) The remains of the Endless Haulage system for the Nantymoel Collieries.

War Memorial

Nantymoel Memorial Shelter. Public and private War Memorials from WWI onwards.

Nantymoel Heritage Hub.

Nantymoel Heritage Hub. Built as a Boys Club in 1925, now is a communal café and a Heritage Hub. There are also three large rooms available for meetings and community use, full disabled access and baby changing facilities.The building will also become the new Ogmore Heritage Centre, a visitor attraction which will link to Bryngarw Country Park via the new Ogmore Heritage Trail.

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