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Nantymoel Fire Wardens 1941-42-L

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
LambourneA3Hendre Avenue39R.O.F
LaneM2Dan y Bryn22R.O.F
LargeD23Llewellyn St33Porter
LargeP23Llewellyn Street30Housewife
LaurenceE36Cadogan Terrace57Miner
LavisE25Brookland Terrace44British Restaurant
LawrenceE75Oakfield Terrace23R.O.F
LeeE W35John Street38Housewife
LeeE D62Ogwy Street21R.O.F
LeesonM K10Waun Lwyd Terrace40Housewife
LewisG7Brookland Terrace37Shop Keeper
LewisA32Brookland Terrace42Housewife
LewisW32Brookland Terrace39Miner
LewisF M Brookland Terrace34Housewife
LewisA J3Commercial St26Miner
LewisD MNantymoel HotelCommercial St44Surface Lab & Licencee
LewisAHotelCommercial Street22Housewife
LewisE M13Court Colman36Housewife
LewisE M13Court Colman36Housewife
LewisE8Dinam Street46Miner
LewisO8Dinam Street38Housewife
LewisE18Dinam Street45Housewife
LewisT18Dinam Street44Miner
LewisR E51Dinam Street35Shop Assistant
LewisJ52Dinam Street21R.O.F
LewisG11Graig Fryn42Miner
LewisM M11Graig Fryn32Housewife
LewisI16Hendre Avenue39R.O.F
LewisO2Heol Ganol24Housewife
LewisJ14Oakfield Terr40Miner
LewisT89Oakfield Terr44Miner
LewisA89Oakfield Terrace37Housewife
LewisM37Ogwy Street35Housewife
LewisP9Osborne Terrace37Housewife
LewisW33Station Rd47Winding Engine Driver
LewisE L21Waun Goch49Housewife
LewisC21Waun Goch40R.O.F
LewisN21Waun Goch19Miner
LewisE T24Waun Goch42Miner
LewisR E H24Waun Goch18Shop Assnt
LeyG E18Park St56Miner
LeyW R18Park St21Miner
ListerT33Brookland Terrace51R.O.F
ListerI M37Cadogan Street26R.O.F
ListerT R37Cadogan Terrace29Miner
LlewellynM47Commercial Street34School Teacher
LlewellynD M88Oakfield Terrace30Housewife
LloydE E5Arnant Villas59Bread Rounds man
LloydTBethel HouseBethel House50Engine Driver
LloydN13Brookland Terrace31R.O.F
LloydH A31Commercial St28Colliery Blacksmith
LloydD30Dinam Street35Housewife
LloydH  31Dinam Street44Miner
LloydS31Dinam Street34Housewife
LloydE J8Graig Fryn26R.O.F
LloydV21Gwendoline Terrace44Telephone Duty
LloydT88John Street59Miner
LloydW G37AJohn Street32Miner
LloydC J37AJohn Street29Housewife
LloydEd Rt29Nantymoel Row44Miner
LloydJ88Oakfield Terr29Miner
LloydJ50Oakfield Terrace23R.O.F
LloydS9Ogwy St48Miner
LloydJ13Ogwy St58Miner
LloydI9Ogwy Street28Miner
LloydC9Ogwy Street26R.O.F
LloydA9Ogwy Street20R.O.F
LloydM96Ogwy Street22British Restaurant
LloydH15Park St29Miner
LloydA V D15Park Street26Housewife
LloydE M6Station Rd46Miner
LloydB6Station Road40Housewife
LloydW M32Waun Lwyd Terrace35Housewife
LloydE T32Waunlwyd35Miner
LockeJ A26Dinam Street45Housewife
LockeM47Dinam Street36R.O.F
LukeJ24Waun Lwyd Terrace26Housewife
LusardiH12Ogwy St26Shop Keeper

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