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Nantymoel Fire Wardens 1941-42-S

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
SaddA J7Ogmore Terrace30Housewife
SamuelD J34John Street22Miner
SaundersC H1Church St49Miner
SaundersE E1Church Terrace34Housewife
ScourfieldM R33ADinam Street37Miner
ScourfieldM L33ADinam Street32Housewife
ScourfieldC H1Howell St33Miner
ScourfieldJ27Waun Goch43R.O.F
ScourfieldA27Waun Goch42Housewife
SeaborneW R6Dan y Bryn19Miner
SeaborneL90Oakfield Terrace41Housewife
SeabourneE30Pembroke Terrace20R.O.F
SealM A86John Street22R.O.F
SebburnG4Glanavon Huts41Housewife
SebburnEdward J4Glanavon Terr40Miner
SebburnT C70Oakfield Terr23Miner
SebburnR31Ogwy Street18Miner
SelmanJ48Vale View33Miner
SelmonC48Vale View38R.O.F
SelwoodA A23Waun Fach50Miner
ShattockA J38Oakfield Terr55Miner
ShattockW I38Oakfield Terrace32Housekeeper
ShearsWm5Garon Terr58Miner
ShearsW5Garon Terrace59Miner
ShearsW G10Llewellyn Street32Miner
ShearsD I10Llewellyn Street25Housewife
ShearsT J49Vale View28Miner
ShearsG E  49Vale View26Housewife
ShepherdG H12Pembroke Terrace23R.O.F
ShepherdJ LL12Pembroke Terrace23R.O.F
ShepperdE J12Pembroke Terr28Miner
ShepstoneI7Llewellyn St56Miner
SimmondsH E36Ogwy Street31Housewife
SimmsT T12Pentre Bailey Terr34Painter
SmartE MDinam HouseDinam Street40Housewife
SmithW C10Dinam Street53R.O.F
SmithE R18Nantymoel Row25R.O.F
SouthI M15John St28Miner
SouthE64John Street35Housewife
SpanswickR C15WaunWen48Miner
SpanswickR J15WaunWen19Miner
SparkesM J14Graig Fryn35Housewife
SprattT24Brookland Terrace39Miner
SprattR H18WaunWen55Miner
SprattD R H18WaunWen26Miner
StaceyI7Howell St20Miner
StaceyP M7Howells Street22Housewife
StephensJ30Brookland Terrace57Miner
StephensL J31Brookland Terrace18Miner
StephensW H70John Street43Miner
StephensG70John Street42Housewife
StephensL J31Llewellyn Street24Miner
StephensC J18Vale View32Colliery Blacksmith
StephensW18Vale View29Housewife
StephensS23Vale View41Miner
StevensL M20Cadogan Street20Housewife
StevensW C20Cadogan Terrace32Miner
StevensC31Llewellyn Street23Housewife
StevensA J2Station Road20Shop Assistant
StewartR M20Gwendoline Terrace38Dispenser
StoreyHyAber HousesWaunWen54Miner
StruttT D12Dunraven Place40R.O.F
SullivanE J11Cardigan Terrace57Miner
SutcliffeU3Waun Wen24School Teacher
SwainV M21Commercial Street23Shop Assistant
SwainW T5Oakfield Terr30Miner
SwainD49Oakfield Terrace30Housewife
SwainE3Ogwy St55Miner
SymondsC76Oakfield Terrace35Housewife

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