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Nantymoel Fire Wardens 1941-42-W

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
WagstaffM M41Commercial Street26Housewife
WaltersE17Vale View51Colliery Weigher
WardF9Brookland Terrace20Postwoman
WarnerH J11Pembroke Terr53Plate Layer
WarrenA J19AAdare Street27R.O.F
WarrenWm J2Nantymoel Row46Miner
WarrenB I2Nantymoel Row36Housewife
WarrenY11Ogmore Terrace24Miner
WatkinsG M10Brookland Terrace22Housewife
WattsHy J27Nantymoel Row42Miner
WattsS A27Nantymoel Row42Housewife
WattsW18Ogwy St51Ironmonger
WealeW H75Ogwy St41Sawyer
WealeV M75Ogwy Street38Housewife
WeaverW55Commercial St55Miner
Webb M G48John Street29Housewife
WebberJ2Blaenogwr Terrace27Miner
WebberJ2Blaenogwr Terrace23Housewife
WebberD L6Blaenogwr Terrace23Housewife
WebberH J38Cadogan Street36Domestic
Webber7Commercial St55Miner
WebberF J13Dunraven Place40R.O.F
WebberA J42John Street58Miner
WebberA R42John Street19Miner
WebberI M58Oakfield Terrace22Housewife
WebberH T13Waun Fach54Miner
WebsterD H12Chappel Terrace28Miner
WelshB4Gwendoline Terrace41Housewife
WestL7Dinam Street29Domestic
WestCyril24Nantymoel Row30Miner
WestM24Nantymoel Row25R.O.F
WestR H F37Waunlwyd41Miner
WheelerT8Arnant Villas59Drapery Manager
WhippeyG76Ogwy Street32Housewife
WhitcombeA G3Rowland Terrace40R.O.F
WhiteK4Howells Street35Housewife
WhiteM9Oakfield Terrace23Housewife
WhitfordG H60Ogwy St52Butcher
WigleyM MStation HouseGlanavon Huts23Nursing
WigleyJohnStation HouseStation House56Assurance Agent
WilkinsonG3Teify Crescent39Housewife
WilkinsonG3Teify Crescent39Housewife
Williams G9Arnant Villas35Housekeeper
Williams EBlaenogwr FarmBlaenogwr Farm Farmer
Williams K A Blaenogwr Farm20Domestic
Williams C E8Blaenogwr Terrace30Housewife
Williams W J19Blaenogwr Terrace35Miner
Williams S E19Blaenogwr Terrace20Housewife
Williams DYard HouseBlandy Terrace45Miner
Williams S E4Brynogwy59Miner
Williams A6Brynogwy31Miner
Williams O T7Brynogwy48Miner
Williams D W10Brynogwy45Miner
Williams R R16Brynogwy43Miner
Williams R17Brynogwy46Miner
Williams B6Brynogwy Terrace30Housewife
Williams F R10Brynogwy Terrace43Housewife
Williams G M16Brynogwy Terrace37Housewife
Williams T17Brynogwy Terrace43Housewife
Williams E B17Brynogwy Terrace21Office Clerk
Williams M17Brynogwy Terrace20R.O.F
Williams R T25Cadogan Terrace58Miner
Williams W1Cardigan Terrace45R.O.F
Williams M L1Cardigan Terrace36Housewife
Williams E2Cardigan Terrace25R.O.F
Williams C12Cardigan Terrace36Domestic
Williams M12Chapel Terrace39Housewife
Williams D34Commercial St24Miner
Williams E60Commercial St55Council Road Man
Williams T60Commercial St51Miner
Williams D34Commercial Street28Miner
Williams P34Commercial Street27Housewife
Williams C M53Commercial Street36Housewife
Williams E62Commercial Street55R.O.F
Williams  62Commercial Street54R.O.F
Williams D MYard HouseCommercial Street35Housewife
Williams J  2Court Colman47R.O.F
Williams R1Dinam Street43Miner
Williams E1Dinam Street33Miner
Williams H11Dinam Street43R.O.F
Williams R29Dinam Street28Miner
Williams D29Dinam Street25Housewife
Williams E46Dinam Street48Miner
Williams A46Dinam Street44Housewife
Williams D A Glanavon  18Engineer
Williams D3 HutsGlanavon Huts38Canteen Assistant
Williams Wm1Glanavon Terr58Miner
Williams E4Heol Fedwyn45Housewife
Williams P8Heol Ganol23Housewife
Williams F M8John Street38Housewife
Williams A M29John Street25Miner
Williams E29John Street22Housewife
Williams G E  58John Street39Domestic
Williams O C58John Street36Miner
Williams O60John Street40R.O.F
Williams T J2Llangeinor Terr Miner23
Williams H D8Llanharan Terrace47Miner
Williams G O8Llanharan Terrace44Housewife
Williams T W2Llewellyn St39Miner
Williams A E16Llewellyn St31Miner
Williams B17Llewellyn St41Miner
Williams D32Llewellyn St59Miner
Williams I32Llewellyn St37Miner
Williams E2Llewellyn Street44School Teacher
Williams E2Llewellyn Street44School Teacher
Williams D M17Llewellyn Street35Domestic
Williams GHutsLlewellyn Street40Miner
Williams Daniel20Nantymoel Row54Miner
Williams E20Nantymoel Row21R.O.F
Williams W J14Oakfield Terr46Insurance Agent
Williams T95Oakfield Terr26Miner
Williams F M70Oakfield Terrace35Housewife
Williams M E78Oakfield Terrace39Housewife
Williams I M84Oakfield Terrace26Housewife
Williams L46Ogwy St35Carpenter
Williams G26Ogwy Street25Housewife
Williams C M42Ogwy Street40Housewife
Williams  74Ogwy Street37Housewife
Williams W11Osborne Terr52Miner
Williams I C5Osborne Terrace25Shop Assistant
Williams C21Pembroke Terr28Miner
Williams A33Pembroke Terr44Miner
Williams G33Pembroke Terr20Miner
Williams M15Pembroke Terrace28Housewife
Williams V I33Pembroke Terrace39Housewife
Williams R4Station Rd45Miner
Williams S A4Station Road44Housewife
Williams S A4Station Road44Housewife
Williams A M53Station Road35Housewife
Williams E M5Teify Crescent42Housewife
Williams E M5Teify Crescent42Housewife
Williams D G5Teify Crest43Miner
Williams D5Vale View24Housewife
Williams J M31Vale View38Miner
Williams M E31Vale View38Housewife
Williams A39Vale View39Housewife
Williams E46Vale View57Miner
Williams D M46Vale View21R.O.F
Williams T J47Vale View40Miner
Williams E E47Vale View29R.O.F
Williams WRhystyd HouseVale View58Miner
Williams J GRhystyd HouseVale View18Miner
Williams E11Waun Fach33R.O.F
Williams G11Waun Fach27R.O.F
Williams C G11Waun Fach26Miner
Williams C J11Waun Fach23R.O.F
Williams M A25Waun Fach36Housewife
Williams E F6Waun Goch44Housewife
Williams J25Waun Goch37Miner
Williams S G25Waun Goch36Housewife
Williams P17Waun Wen25Shop Assistant
Williams D J E6Waungoch44School Teacher
Williams D27Waunlwyd57Miner
Williams T10WaunWen33Miner
Williams T17WaunWen?Miner
WillisE J27Dinam Street59Miner
WillisE C27Dinam Street34Miner
WillisF27Dinam Street31Miner
WillisA27Dinam Street27Miner
WilmottE J3Cwm Blandy Terrace33Housewife
WilsonV J3Chappel Terrace29Miner
WintersR25AAdare Street40R.O.F
WintleM E10Commercial Street24Housewife
WoganH27Oakfield Terr59Miner
WoodE B104Oakfield 27Miner
WoodE B104Oakfield Terr26Miner
WoosnamClifford J9Nantymoel Row33Miner
WoosnamE M9Nantymoel Row28Housewife
WoosnamHy Thos9Nantymoel Row20Miner

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