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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42-C

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
CabbleB95Adare Street21Miner
CainA35Wyndham Street31Miner
CardJ30Hill Street32Miner
CardA30Hill Street28Miner
CareterJ P3Gorwyl Road36Schoolmaster
CarpenterQ F8Glyn Street18Miner
CarterJ U5High Street49Club Steward
CarterE JCorbett Hotel 31AHigh Street27R.O.F
CaseyM5Adare Street40Miner
CaseyT H24ABridge Street36Labourer
CattellR33High Street18Cinema Optr
CausonW H6Cemetery Road45Miner
ChampionW H18Cardiff Street42Miner
ChampionA24Tynewydd Row36R.O.F
ChapmanJ29Adare Street59Miner
ChaveA E  24Cardiff Street56Miner
ChilcotJ19Cardiff Street57R.O.F
ChilcottC E J11Prospect Place23Miner
ChilcottI13Tynewydd Row46Miner
ChiltonT38Adare Street49Miner
ChiltonA C2Moira Terrace33Miner
ChiltonC55St John Street31Miner
ChiltonD S16Walters Road19Labourer
ChiversA T8Fronwen Terrace58Miner
ChiversC V8Fronwen Terrace31Miner
ChiversG12Suffolk Place28Miner
Clark C H2Ardwyn Place41Cin. Operator
ClarkeT27Dunraven Place27Miner
ClarkeG27Dunraven Place26Miner
ClarkeA9Elm Terrace58Miner
ClarkeE J6Fronwen Terrace42Miner
ClarkeC24Fronwen Terrace32Miner
ClarkeW C37High Street32Miner
ClatworthyH26Prospect Place44Miner
ClemettW S13Cemetery Road32Miner
ClemettD107High Street29Miner
CoatesA J3Highland Terrace32Miner
CoatsS18Walters Road36R.O.F
ColeW H43St John Street36Miner
CollierReginal23Adare Street25Miner
CollierF G  34Meadow Street46Railwayman
CookT G22Hill Street43Miner
CookC G22Hill Street18Miner
CookD E82St John Street36R.O.F
CookW H59Walters Road51Miner
CookW S59Walters Road25Miner
CookeC113St John Street29Miner
CoombesR20Bryn Road18Shop Asst
CoombesE C17Glyn Street33Miner
CoombesM  59Sunnyside40Miner
CoombsE22Meadow Street34Miner
CooperE10Glyn Street59Miner
CooperT R19Glyn Street37Miner
CooperW H20Glyn Street54Unemployed
CooperC4Walters Road44Miner
CorbettWNanteris FarmWyndham Street48Labourer
CorneliusW J5Greenfield Terrace59R.O.F
CorneliusD OMoira TerraceMoira Terrace27Miner
CorneliusW28River Street18Student Sanitary Inspector
CorneliusC T13Walters Road43Miner
CorneliusR49Walters Road41Miner
CornsI J24ALlewellyn Street29Miner
CottinghamA37Wyndham Street33Miner
CouchL8Dunraven Place23Miner
CoxS J90Adare Street49Miner
CoxA G90Adare Street24Miner
CoxD J90Adare Street24Miner
CoxW J18Fronwen Row Power Station
CoxW J18Fronwen Terrace48Miner
CoxW J7Heol Heulog 
Cox D J25AAdare Street35Miner
CreedJ11Moira Terrace27R.O.F
CreedC J23Tynewydd Row35Miner
CrickM E9Aber Houses45Housewife
CriddleC H10Hill Street39Miner
CrockettW A24Llewellyn Street58Miner
CrowellJ49St John Street56R.O.F
CullifordL27Cardiff Street32Miner
CullifordF E29Cardiff Street44Miner
CullifordD T8Cuthbert Street46R.O.F
CullifordG51Walters Road39Miner

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