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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – D

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
Daddow102Adare Street41Miner
DaddowR102Adare Street19Miner
Daniel L6River Street47Foreman
Daniel D O25River Street49R.O.F
DanielsE W10Coronation Street56Miner
DareJ7Fern Street53?
DaveyJ41Adare Street52Miner
DaveyC4Cuthbert Street48Miner
DaveyE A11Cuthbert Street37Miner
DaveyC50High Street31Miner
DavidE J16Suffolk Place46Insurance Ag 
DavidJ H14Walters Road54R.O.F
DaviesD J6Bryn Road54Miner
DaviesD3Caedu Road20Miner
DaviesW JEyrieCaedu Road47Rel. Officer
DaviesG6Cardiff Street50R.O.F
DaviesE9ACorbett Street57R.O.F
DaviesJ2Cuthbert Street47Miner
DaviesW J2Cuthbert Street40R.O.F
DaviesT10Cuthbert Street26R.O.F
DaviesA51Dunraven Place30Miner
DaviesI1AFairy Glen26Miner
DaviesJ E1Fronwen Terrace49R.O.F
DaviesL N1Fronwen Terrace20Clerk
DaviesW J15Hendre Avenue30Miner
DaviesD18Hendre Avenue29Miner
DaviesD14High Street42Miner
DaviesG58High Street47Newsagent
DaviesE1Hill Street30Housewife
DaviesT J19Llewellyn Street46Miner
DaviesE26Llewellyn Street47Miner
DaviesW H3North Road47Miner
DaviesT4North Road49Miner
DaviesE O4North Road23Miner
DaviesH19Prospect Place39Miner
DaviesJ C21Prospect Place45R.O.F
DaviesR7River Street32Miner
DaviesD G11River Street23Miner
DaviesW J53St John Street29Miner
DaviesT55St John Street41Miner
DaviesS L61St John Street28Miner
DaviesJ O133St John Street55Miner
DaviesW I133St John Street34R.O.F
DaviesJ R7Suffold Place43Boot Repairer
DaviesI J7Suffolk Place43Boot Repairer
DaviesT B19Suffolk Place35Miner
DaviesW T6Sunnyside36Miner
DaviesG G39Sunnyside35Miner
DaviesD R26Tynewydd Row39R.O.F
DaviesM H7Vale View57R.O.F
DaviesEdwin7Vale View18Butcher
DaviesHRosemountVale View46Miner
DaviesL35Walters Road35Miner
DaviesA T36Walters Road39R.O.F
DibbleR J30Cardiff Street23Miner
DibbleI G30Cardiff Street22Miner
DorneyG E64Dunraven Place55Miner
DuberleyA9Fronwen Terrace59R.O.F
DuberleyW9Fronwen Terrace27Miner
DuckfieldW G9Adare Street36Miner
DuckfieldB88Adare Street40Miner
DuckfieldJ H6Hill Street37Miner
DunnR W11Bryn Road28Miner
DunnA J21Cardiff Street55R.O.F
DunstanR J58St John Street58R.O.F

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