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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – G

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
GardnerG9Fern Street25Miner
GardnerM G9Fern Street20Miner
GardnerW J8Walters Road57Baker
GardnerW G8Walters Road30Miner
GarrettD C25Cardiff Street52Miner
GarrettW J25Cardiff Street22Miner
GarrettS25Cardiff Street19Miner
GeorgeE49Adare Street40Labourer
GeorgeC49Adare Street27Labourer
GeorgeG C6Fairy Glen33Miner
GeorgeW E100High Street36Labourer
GeorgeR119High Street38R.O.F
GeorgeD G119High Street27Miner
GeorgeR119High Street19Miner
GeorgeD J7Walters Road41Miner
GibbsI W15Cardiff Street55Miner
GibbsA1Prospect Place36Painter
GibsonW T74Adare Street21Miner
GibsonI74Dunraven Place26Miner
GillettE C43Wyndham Street36Miner
GillettH J45Wyndham Street38Miner
GloverH G25Hill Street30Miner
GodwinF S2Dunraven Place58Miner
GodwinW I9Fairy Glen29Miner
GodwinJ14Hendre Avenue18Miner
GodwinR29St John Street30Miner
GoldsworthyW3Vale View36Coal Merch
GoodeW H13Glyn Street52Miner
GouldT J1Moira Terrace34Miner
GrayW T77St John Street41Miner
GraysonJ37AAdare Street59Labourer
GreenS D28North Road49R.O.F
GregoryT A111St John Street19R.O.F
GreyG5Gorwyl Road57R.O.F
GreyG5Gorwyl Road57R.O.F
GriffithsD R2Adare Street39Miner
GriffithsHugh30Adare Street41Miner
GriffithsD16Bryn Rd56Unemployed
GriffithsD16Bryn Road56Miner
GriffithsR16Bryn Road27Miner
GriffithsGlyncornelGlyn Street49Miner
GriffithsR6Hill Street33Miner
GriffithsJ H31North Road46Shop Keeper
GriffithsT17St John Street49Miner
GriffithsW G10Tynewydd Row59R.O.F
GriffithsD G2Vale View29Miner
GriggsA J17Bridge Street46G.W.R
GulleyW80Adare Street57Miner
GulleyW J80Adare Street51Unemployed
GulleyS J8Cemetery Road23Miner
GullifordW J4University Bldgs40Miner
GwynneT S33St John Street43Insurance Ag 

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