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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – H

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
HaggertyT G57St John Street40Miner
HaggertyW60St John Street34Miner
HamJ17Suffolk Place42Miner
Ham C T18Adare Street48Miner
HamerR A2Hendre Avenue26Miner
HamerW J114High Street37Labourer
HamerW G4Hill Street38Miner
HamerW C57Walters Road19Miner
HancockPercy30Adare Street49Miner
HancockJ43Adare Street59Miner
HancockH  17Meadow Street56Miner
HancockF G G17Meadow Street29Electrician
HareW10High Street51R.O.F
HarmonT30High Street19Miner
HarrisW24St John Street51Miner
HarrisM G42St John Street45Labourer
HartlandO G26High Street54Blds Foreman
HartlandV G26High Street21Bricklayer
HartlandO T26High Street18Bricklayer
HawkinsR36Llewellyn Street40Miner
HawkinsJ36Llewellyn Street18Baker
HawkinsW108St John Street30Miner
HawkinsT J15Sunnyside57R.O.F
HawkinsI C15Sunnyside25Miner
HazellB26Meadow Street20Motor Mechanic
HeathW T9Park Avenue37Miner
HierF SCorbett Hotel 31AHigh Street39R.O.F
HierM J41Sunnyside47R.O.F
HigginsG S49High Street49Pharmacist
HillH1Highland Terrace57?
HillH E15Park Avenue33Carpenter
HillierW G24Glyn Street21Miner
HodgeW126High Street42R.O.F
HodgsonJ16Glyn Street31R.O.F
HodgsonA R17Glyn Street53Wages Clerk
HoganJ31Wyndham Street55Labourer
HoldenH85St John Street49Schoolteacher
HoleT R19Fronwen Terrace37Miner
HoleA E2Hill Street20Shop Assistant
HolmesS M6Glyn Street41G.W.R
HoltJ H34Wyndham Street49Pit Baths Att
HopkinsD J12Hendre Avenue38Miner
HopkinsB12Walters Road47Miner
HornW D7Tynewydd Row33Miner
HoskingA V12Bridge Street34Miner
HoskinsJ T29Prospect Place53Labourer
Howe A E S21North Road22Miner
Howe D L14Sunnyside49Miner
Howell A D2Railway Terrace25R.O.F
HowellsE3Bethania Row48Miner
HowellsW J18Bridge Street41Miner
HowellsC R25Dunraven Place31Conductor
HowellsA27Dunraven Place52Miner
HowellsC C12Fairy Glen26Miner
HowellsA7Fronwen Terrace56Miner
HowellsA7Fronwen Terrace19Miner
HowellsW19High Street52R.O.F
HowellsT T6Prospect Place32Miner
HowellsC59St John Street53Newagent
HowellsLeslie81St John Street29Postman
HowellsE CCambriaVale View34Miner
HowellsE L68Walters Road55Sick Visitor
HugesD G7Cardiff Street39R.O.F
HughesJ10Corbett Street32Miner
HughesJ9Gorwyl Road36Miner
HughesW J109High Street47Miner
HuntF T35Adare Street45Miner
HuntF J26Bridge Street32Miner
HuntL J14Hill Street33Miner
HuntF J25Hill Street51Miner
HuntF J16River Street28Miner
HutchinsonP R11Tynewydd Row48Miner

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