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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – S

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
SaddE2University Bldgs27Miner
SampsonW53Adare Street46Miner
SampsonA1Blandy Terrace55Grocer
SamuelC40Dunraven Place53Sick
SamuelM13Fronwen Terrace49R.O.F
SamuelW J17Sunny Side50Unemployed
SamuelD J13Sunnyside57Miner
SamuelW H23Sunnyside50Miner
SawardR11Hill Street57Miner
ScottF31Fronwen Terrace45R.O.F
Seal?4Sunny Side58Miner
SealA G21Sunnyside46Miner
SeymourA52Dunraven Place34Miner
SharpW E10Bryn Road37R.O.F
SharpR14Cardiff Street35R.O.F
ShepherdW J16Llewellyn Street30Miner
SherrahT J29Bridge Street56Labourer
SherrahA J29Bridge Street29Miner
SimonsArthur7Bridge Street26Miner
SimonsR16Bridge Street29Concrete Wkr.
SkinnerI L3University Bldgs33Miner
SlocombeC43AAdare Street30Miner
SmithNorman13Bridge Street20Miner
SmithJ8Bryn Road34Miner
SmithR A G13Cemetery Road28Miner
SmithF J15Cemetery Road41Miner
SmithA J15Cemetery Road19Miner
SmithW R16Cemetery Road19Miner
SmithR9Gorwyl Road57Miner
SmithE S10Walters Road30Miner
SolesW15Bryn Road49Miner
Soles55Dunraven Place32Miner
SparkesC4Cemetery Road40Miner
SpeddingW LL112St John Street35R.O.F
SprattW J32Cardiff Street41Miner
SprattP13Corbett Street46R.O.F
SprattJ H14Corbett Street43Miner
StaceyH W15Llewellyn Street49Miner
StaceyA G9Tynewydd Row33Miner
SterliniG8Commercial Street40Caterer
StevensB31AAdare Street33Miner
StevensW12Bryn Road40Miner
StevensT R20Hill Street38Miner
StevensR20Hill Street36Miner
StevensS CCompton HseTynewydd Row32Miner
StonemanS56Dunraven Place48Miner
StorryK AAber HouseAber House32Counter Hand
StrangH4High Street43R.O.F
StrangD4High Street18Bricklayer
SummertonS M51Sunnyside29R.O.F
SwainE R2Cemetery Road25Miner
SylvesterD15Aber Houses25Housewife

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