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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – T

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
TancockM E6Hendre Avenue59Miner
TaskerR11Wyndham Street38Bldgs. Lab.
TatchellGOgmore HCommercial Street29Labourer
TatchellA L10Fairy Glen21Miner
TatchellT A C12Suffolk Place19Miner
TatchellW J41Wyndham Street51Miner
TaylorW J25Bridge Street36Miner
TaylorD15Cemetery Road57Unemployed
TaylorA H7Glyn Street32Miner
TaylorC J41Walters Road20Carpenter
TaylorT J62Walters Road28R.O.F
TaylorO37AWyndham Street29Miner
TerringsR J9Cemetery Road54Miner
TerringtonJ9Cemetery Road54Unemployed
TerringtonD J1Oak Terrace42Miner
ThomasW Ll19Adare Street41Miner
ThomasD20Adare Street48Miner
ThomasD51Adare Street43Miner
ThomasW G2Blandy Terrace38Miner
ThomasM1 BungalowBryn Road35Miner
ThomasE12Caedu Road52Stationmaster
ThomasM12Corbett Street31Miner
ThomasW34Dunraven Place52Manager 
ThomasH48Dunraven Place53Miner
ThomasD C48Dunraven Place19Schoolboy
ThomasW J10Fern Street51Colliery Fireman
ThomasM JBrynawelGlyn Street35Minister
ThomasW G3Greenfield Terrace33Miner
ThomasL N11Hendre Avenue21Power Station
ThomasB2High Street34Miner
ThomasW A9High Street33Journeyman
ThomasR D115High Street55Caretaker
ThomasG R138High Street44Miner
ThomasG H15Hill Street59Miner
ThomasW J23Hill Street40Miner
ThomasL E6Rhiwglyn Road33Mason
ThomasG J25St John Street28Miner
ThomasT E50St John Street51Manager
ThomasW J98St John Street36Miner
ThomasD29Suffolk Place33Miner
ThomasJ D43Sunnyside38Miner
ThomasD J6ASunnyside31Miner
ThomasG19Walters Road41R.O.F
ThomasG E35Walters Road49R.O.F
TileyF88High Street55Miner
TileyW G88High Street20Baker
TilleyG A26Fronwen Terrace53Miner
TilleyA C30Fronwen Terrace30R.O.F
TilleyS H31Fronwen Terrace38Miner
TobinD20Bridge Street53Miner
TownsendR A2Hill Street27Miner
TozerW C8Sunnyside30Miner
TozerA E29Sunnyside58R.O.F
TreharneA70Adare Street46Miner
TreharneA11Cardiff Street29Miner
TreharneE J71High Street37Miner
TreharneC2Walters Road31Miner
TreharneF2Walters Road28Miner
TreziseJ15Wyndham Street35Miner
TreziseP15Wyndham Street18Miner
TreziseS31Wyndham Street28Miner
TrotmanJ2St John Street34Miner
TrowbridgeE J16Hill Street54Miner
TrowbridgeW J17Tynewydd Row58Miner
TuckerThomas4Park Avenue45Schoolteacher
TurnerF W5Moira Terrace59Mason

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