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Rhondda Main (Lewis Merthyr) Colliery Deaths

In 1909, Lewis Merthyr Consolidated Collieries Ltd. began the sinking of two shafts – Catherine and Anne Pits, named after daughters of Sir William Thomas Lewis, the head of the combine. The first sod was cut on 25th August 1909.

The No. 2 Rhondda house coal seam was proved in the Catherine Pit at a depth of 749 feet and in the Anne Pit at 781 feet and was worked extensively throughout the life of the colliery.

The No. 3 Rhondda seam was proved in the Anne Pit at 1054 feet but it was not worked extensively.

A third shaft called Mary Pit was sunk in 1923 to the west of the River Ogmore but was abandoned in Running Sand at a depth of about 60 feet. The colliery was abandoned on 08th November 1924.

BrooksDavid John1325th Jul 1916
ClatworthyJohn453rd Apr 1924
EvansRichard3118th May 1912
GunnerWilliam291st Dec 1921
JohnDaniel3815th Aug 1910
LewisCyril272nd Oct 1923
LewisEdmund J.2919th Nov 1915
PlaisterW.W.3810th Jan 1915
RichardsWlliam4415th Aug 1910
ShermanReginald1528th Apr 1922
SweetThomas3826th Jul 1917
TilburyW.4211th May 1924

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