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Tynewydd Colliery Deaths

Tynewydd Colliery was opened by J. Brogden and Sons late in 1865 to work the No. 3 Rhondda seam, a bituminous coking and house coal seam; domestic coke was manufactured in nearby coke ovens. For a short period, the fireclay and shale produced during the working of the coal seam were processed and burnt for brick making in nearby beehive type brick kilns.

The colliery was worked with naked lights and, originally, with furnace ventilation which was replaced by a steam driven fan in its later years.

During its lifetime the colliery was owned by:

T. Thomas, John Brogden and Sons (The Llynvi and Tondu Iron and Coal Co. Ltd.)
The Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal & Iron Company Ltd.
and North’s Navigation Collieries (1889) Ltd.

Tynewydd Colliery was abandoned on the 10th January 1905.

BoardThomas2014th Mar 1895
BranchHarry1224th Jul 1888
burnettH.5910th Nov 1874
ChaveHenry2923rd May 1900
ChaveLewis1723rd May 1900
DaveyHenry4728th Aug 1896
EdmundsLewis3422nd Jul 1881
GibbonG.M.167th Nov 1882
HeardHugh351st Dec 1900
HowellsWilliam204th Sep 1868
HydeEdward2429th Oct 1884
JamesEvan1428th Mar 1882
JonesRichard7019th Jul 1899
LandersRichard3926th Jul 1867
LucasJohn L.1328th Sep 1897
NortonJ.3217th Jun 1876
ParkhouseW.201st Dec 1900
RowlandJ.3014th Feb 1872
SampsonAbner4120th Feb 1886
WatkinsJ.6213th Nov 1883

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