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Wyndham Colliery Deaths

John Brogden, Senior, was the main proponent of the Ogmore Railway Act of 1863, which authorised the construction of the railway into the Ogmore Valley.
The railway connecting Nantymoel with the main line junction at Tondu was opened for mineral, goods and passenger traffic on 1st August 1865.

John Brogden and Sons commenced the sinking of the Nos.1 and 2 Pits of the Wyndham Colliery late in 1865. The Two Feet Nine seam was proved at a depth of 161 yards and the Six Feet seam at 227 yards. Both of these seams were of high quality smokeless dry steam coals and coal production started in 1868.

Brogden and Sons formed the Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Company Ltd., which controlled their iron and coal, interests at ironworks in Tondu and the Llynfi Valley and their coal mining developments in the Llynfi and Ogmore Valleys.

In 1888, a syndicate headed by Colonel John T. North purchased all the colliery interests of the reconstructed but then insolvent Llynvi and Tondu Coal and Iron Company Ltd. and, in the following year, formed North’s Navigation Collieries (1889) Ltd. which deepened the Wyndham Colliery shafts to 353 yards to prove and develop the Nine Feet seam and other seams of the Lower Coal Measures.

In 1906, Messrs. Cory Brothers & Co. Ltd. bought all North’s Navigation colliery interests in the Ogmore Valley.

In 1942, Powell Duffryn Associated Collieries Ltd. bought the Cory Brothers’ colliery properties in the Ogmore Valley and worked them until the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947. In 1965, the National Coal Board combined the Wyndham Colliery with the Ocean Western Colliery to form the combined Wyndham/Western Mine which was closed in April 1984.

AbelWilliam3425th Oct 1930
BarnettGeo.4514th Oct 1903
BartleOliver197th Jun 1909
BoundyHenry2128th Oct 1893
BowdenFred.1814th Jan 1891
BowenDavid5016th Mar 1922
BridgesJohn3123rd Nov 1895
BrownSelwyn1910th Mar 1922
BurrowsJames5724th Mar 1930
BustonWilliam3716th Dec 1915
ChaveThomas2223rd Jan 1918
ChilcottJames6816th Mar 1922
ClatworthyBenjamin288th Jun 1945
ColleyWilliam2929th Dec 1907
CoxEdwin Charles3026th Feb 1941
DaviesArchibald2122nd Apr 1909
DaviesDavid J.359th Aug 1940
DaviesOwen6128th Aug 1916
EdwardsAlfred Glyndwr1517th Dec 1914
EdwardsWilliam5315th Oct 1909
ElstonSamuel482rd Sep 1890
ElwardRichard493rd Sep 1909
EmanuelHugh4111th Feb 1928
EvansHopkin205th May 1885
EvansRobert1811th Nov 1920
EvansWilliam3210th Jan 1898
FisherNorman3812th Feb 1929
GarrettJohn3326th Sep 1907
GeorgeThomas241st Oct 1938
GiffordWilliam Henry4213th Jun 1941
GoughJohn3013th Sep 1911
GregoryAlfred403rd Dec 1920
GriffithsBrinley1722nd Aug 1935
HamJohn5231st Aug 1887
HardingRichard2919th May 1882
HarrisHenry2822nd Jan 1885
HarrisOliver1512th Aug 1907
HartJohn2125th Apr 1877
HealeFrancis H.3718th sep 1930
HodgeWilliam John328th Apr 1936
HopkinsJohn2418th Jul 1899
JamesWilliam2411th Nov 1904
JenkinsEdgar O.3910th Feb 1958
JenkinsEvan3824th Aug 1877
JenkinsEvan6512th Jul 1890
JenkinsJenkin2513th Apr 1872
JenkinsJohn614th Jul 1908
JenkinsThomas Ogmore2619th Jun 1929
JohnLewis139th May 1879
JonesIs.1826th Jan 1888
JonesMorgan2424th Mar 1885
JonesOwen2614th Jun 1891
JonesReginald268th Mar 1923
JonesRobert432nd Aug 1879
JonesWilliam Arfon257th Apr 1937
JonesWm.1629th Jan 1877
LewisJohn3829th Jul 1873
MaleWilliam3019th Apr 1895
ManningDilwyn4124th Nov 1958
MartinJames3317th Dec 1885
MatthewsEdwin393rd Dec 1901
MorganGeorge2017th Feb 1920
NewmanW.J.2319th Jul 1930
OwenJohn457th Feb 1916
OwenJohn336th May 1918
OwenRichard1630th Jun 1880
ParrJohn5516th Mar 1922
PerkinsErnest J.5413th Aug 1933
PhillipsD. Mansel6315th May 1961
PhillipsErnest1714th Aug 1906
PoplesAnthony1826th Mar 1942
PoplesW.6617th mar 1926
PowellJ.E.1726th May 1906
PriceDavid4014th Jan 1903
PryceThomas3220th Jun 1913
ReesThos.5021st Nov 1891
RichardsJohn449th Apr 1891
RichardsW.E.5412th Jun 1885
SmithJames3722nd Jan 1893
SnowJohn2511th Aug 1887
StapleWm.3626th Sep 1884
StephensFrederick J.I.6013th Aug 1941
ThomasDavid4628th Nov 1916
ThomasDavid491st Nov 1941
ThomasO.?5th Jan 1956
ThomasOscar3912th Jan 1939
ThomasRobert292nd Mar 1868
ThurlowWilliam6424th Jul 1935
TreharneWilliam5526th Jun 1930
TreharneWilliam Howell3510th Apr 1954
TurnerWilliam4825th Jul 1895
UngoedDaniel151st Apr 1890
VaulterWilliam Thomas176th May 1918
WebberDouglas Hamilton231st Aug 1941
WebberKenneth206th Oct 1947
WilliamsJohn3914th Apr 1886
WilliamsRobert B.3415th Jan 1958
WilliamsThomas363rd Feb 1875
WilliamsWm.2829th Sep 1888
WilliamsWm.6911th Sep 1914
WilsonJesse1727th Apr 1891
WinterJohn C.5216th Apr 1923

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