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Timeline Pre 1800

10,000 BC

The end of the last Ice Age. Ogmore Valley formed by Glacier action.

c. 2000-1500 BC

The Early Bronze Age. [In 1875, a cist, containing human bones, was found during the removal of a cairn “on the side of the mountain above Ty Newydd Farm, in the Ogmore Valley”; Early Bronze Age Cairn at Tynewydd, Ogmore Valley. Several other round Cairns of doubtful age have been found on Mynydd Llangeinor and Mynydd Ton. From “An Inventory of Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan” by The Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments.

Early AD

Habitation and the start of farming. The coming of Christianity

Pre. 12th Cent.

Llangeinor Parish Church and Llandyfodwg Parish Church were built

04 Apr 1234

Margam Abbey Charter; Oldest known document to mention place names in the Ogmore Valley. Deed giving up the right of land by Cynuethwy ap Gronwy and Gronwy Fechan his brother

12 Jul 1579

Will of Ievan Ap Jankin names various Farms in the Ogmore Valley.


Glyn Llan House

13 Oct 1627

Will of Evan Watkins names various Farms in the Ogmore Valley.


William Davies (The Bard of Aber-Cwm-y-Fuwch Farm) was born. William Davies`s Bardic name was “Gwilym Glynogwr”.


Land Tax Assessments. Farms.


Iolo Morganwg records that an eisteddfod was held at Aber Cwm-y-Fuwch farm in this year. Iolo Morganwg attended this eisteddfod at Aber cwm-y-fuwch, for which he wrote “englynion” as a competitor. Sion Bradford, of Pandy’r Bettws, Lewis Hopkin, of Hendre Ifan Goch and Dafydd Nicholas of Margam were the adjudicators, one on each of the three subjects given for the entrants. Iolo was given the chair for each of the three subjects and, because of this, from that time he was not allowed to compete in eisteddfodau in Glamorgan, oniy to adjudicate.


Another eisteddfod was held at Aber Cwm-y-Fuwch farm in 1771. Iolo Morganwg again attended. The same three subjects were given as in 1769 but lolo stated that the standard of the entries was low and that something should be done to teach standards of language and composition. This eisteddfod was probably held in March because Iolo went to London in April of that year.


Land Tax Assessments. Farms.


First Gorsedd of Bards, London. When lolo Morganwg set up his gorsedd of bards in Glamorgan in 1795, William Davies of Aber Cwm-y-Fuwch Farm, became a member of it under the bardic name ‘Gwilym Glynogwr’.


YATE`s Map of Glamorgan Place Names Farms Abernant du Gerran. Tenewith. Bridge (near the present day “Ogmore Crossing”). Pantynawel, Blackmill.

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