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1946 Nantymoel Voters List – B

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameForenameStreetHouse Number
BakerAlbertOakfield Terrace100A
BakerAlbert E. J.Ogwy Street67
BakerDorothy M.Oakfield Terrace100A
BakerF. J.Ogwy Street69
BakerNancy V.Ogwy Street69
BakerOlive D.Ogwy Street67
BakerV. M.Ogwy Street67
BallCatherine B.Church Terrace12
BallElizabethOgmore Terrace10
BallJames T.Ogmore Terrace10
BallWilliam J.Dan-y-Bryn2
BamfordJ.Oakfield Terrace59
BamfordMarinthaOakfield Terrace59
BanfordArthurJohn Street25
BanfordEdithJohn Street25
BanfordMary A.Brookland Terrace6
BanfordThomas J. A.Oakfield Terrace59
BarlowArthurOgwy Street61
BarlowMarthaOgwy Street61
BarnardAlbert J.Pembroke Terrace28
BarnardElizabethNantymoel Row17
BarnardFrancesPembroke Terrace28
BarnardGwendolineJohn Street38
BarnardHenry T.John Street38
BarnardJohnJohn Street30
BarnardLille D.Oakfield Terrace58
BarnardOliveJohn Street30
BarnardWilliamNantymoel Row17
BarnardWilliam H.Oakfield Terrace58
BarnettA. E.Ogwy Street28
BarnettEva B.Brookland Terrace24
BarnettMoyda M.Ogwy Street28
BarnettRonald M.Brookland Terrace24
BarrellCharlotteArnant VillasPolice Station
BarrellRobert J.Arnant VillasPolice Station
BartleBenjamin J.Pembroke Terrace19
BartleBenjamin T.Pembroke Terrace20
BartleElizabeth J.Pembroke Terrace19
BartleFlorence M.Pembroke Terrace20
BartleMargaretPembroke Terrace19
BartleRichardDinam Street50
BartlettArthur H.Blandy Terrace1
BartlettLidia P. M.Blandy Terrace1
BatchelorGladysCommercial St36
BatchelorHenryCommercial St36
BatemanAlice A.Ogmore Terrace5
BatemanThomas G.Ogmore Terrace5
BathEdwinChurch Terrace12
BathEdwin A.Church Terrace12
BeardBeatrice M.Blaenogwr Terrace18
BeardGlynBlaenogwr Terrace18
BeardGwynethVale View54
BeardHarold L.Vale View54
BeardTomBlaenogwr Terrace18
BeckeyGilbert I.Howell St7
BeckeyMartha M.Howell St7
BenbowBrynllwynCommercial St48
BenbowDavid G.Vale View2
BenbowDorothy M.Vale View10
BenbowEdward C.Commercial St48
BenbowElsie M.Commercial St38
BenbowGlenys I.Vale View2
BenbowIdrisCommercial St38
BenbowJames G.Vale View10
BenbowWilliam F.Commercial St48
BennettAudrey M.The Huts1
BennettThomas G.The Huts1
BerntsenCarl W.C.Brookland Terrace1A
BerntsenGlynBrookland Terrace1A
BerntsenRhodaBrookland Terrace1A
BevanElizabethWaunlwlyd Street18
BevanMary C.Oakfield Terrace97
BevanMurielOakfield Terrace14
BevanRichardWaunlwlyd Street18
BevanThomas J.Oakfield Terrace14
BeynonOlivePark Street19
BeynonWilliam D.Park Street19
BishopClaricePark Street15
BishopGlynPark Street15
BishopMurielOgwy Street94
BishopRowlandGwendoline Street3
BishopWilliam S.Ogwy Street94
BlakeFlorence E.Oakfield Terrace86
BlakeVictor R.Oakfield Terrace86
BlinmanAlbert E.Brookland Terrace6
BlinmanElizabeth A.Brookland Terrace7
BoneGeorgeCommercial St17
BoneMary G.Commercial St17
BoobyerCharlesHeol Ganol5
BoobyerMargretta M.Waungoch Street“Rosemomd” 19
BoobyerMargt.Heol Ganol5
BoobyerMartha A.Heol Ganol5
BoobyerMay M.John Street62
BoobyerOlwenWaungoch Street“Rosemomd” 19
BoobyerRhysHeol Ganol5
BoobyerWilliam L.Waungoch Street“Rosemomd” 19
BoonFrederickStation Road56
BourtonDoreen M.Stormy Lane4
BourtonEdwin C.Court Colman Street5
BourtonElizabethStormy Lane4
BourtonGwynCourt Colman Street5
BourtonHenry C.Stormy Lane4
BourtonLewis G.Stormy Lane4
BourtonT. C.Court Colman Street5
BourtonVictoria I.Court Colman Street5
BowdenAlfred F.Waungfach Terrace18
BowdenClaud I.Waungfach Terrace18
BowdenGladys E.Waungfach Terrace18
BowdenQueenie M.Waungfach Terrace18
BowdenRosa A.Waungfach Terrace18
BowdenThomas R.Waungfach Terrace18
BowenArthurHowell St6
BowenCaroline A.Commercial St35
BowenGraceVale View43
BowenIda M.Howell St6
BowenMargaretHowell St6
BowenMorganHowell St6
BowenReginaldVale View43
BowenRosina L.Oakfield Terrace14
BowenThomas J.Oakfield Terrace14
BoyesAlice M.Ogmore Terrace12
BoyesHelen C.Waunwen Terrace14
BoyesJessieWaunwen Terrace14
BoyesNorman S.Ogmore Terrace12
BracePaulineOakfield Terrace12
BraceSarah JaneCommercial St51
BraceWilliam J.H.Commercial St51
BradbearThomasNantymoel Row29
BradbeerSarah M.Nantymoel Row29
BrahamBeatrice F.Brookland Terrace17
BrahamDavid J.Brookland Terrace17
BriceEuniceLlanharan TerraceMalborough House 12
BriceWalter S.Llanharan TerraceMalborough House 12
BrightJesseJohn Street34
BrightMaryJohn Street34
BrintonFrederick A.Blandy Terrace5
BrookesBeatriceOakfield Terrace8
BrooksJennyStormy Lane9
BrooksNellie E.Pembroke Terrace21
BrooksWilliam E.Stormy Lane9
BrownBertha M.Waunwen Terrace22
BrownCatherine I.Waunwen Terrace22
BrownCharles H.Vale View54
BrownEllenOakfield Terrace18
BrownJamesLlewellyn Street25
BrownJohnOakfield Terrace18
BrownMargaret A.Llewellyn Street25
BrownMary C.Arnant Villas4
BrownMeganWaunlwlyd Street8
BrownSelwynWaunlwlyd Street8
BrownSydneyBlandy Terrace2
BrownThomasVale View54
BrownThomas J.Arnant Villas4
BrownWilliamWaunwen Terrace22
BrowningLilian C.Commercial St41
BryantC.Dinam Street22
BryantFrancis C.Dinam Street22
BryantMargaretGraigfryn Terrace13
BryantPriscillaOgwy Street41
BryantRobert G.Dinam Street22
BryantSarahChurch Terrace4
BryantSidney G.Church Terrace4
BryantWinstone V.Church Terrace4
BuddF.J.Brynogwy Terrace14
BuddmaryBrynogwy Terrace14
BuddPriscillaJohn Street92
BuddThomas S.John Street92
BundyGladysWaunlwlyd Street31
BundyWilliam E.Waunlwlyd Street31
BurfittLucyLlewellyn Street30
BurgessIvy M.Park Street17
BurgessPercy G.Park Street17
BurmanHannahGaron Terrace7
BurmanWilliam J.Garon Terrace7
BurrowsAnne V.John Street46
BurrowsEdithLlewellyn Street22
BurrowsReginald H.Llewellyn Street22
BurtBertie C.Dinam Street1
BurtGwendolineDinam Street1

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