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1946 Nantymoel Voters List – L

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameForenameStreetHouse Number
SurnameForenameStreetHouse Number
LambElizabethBlandy TerraceBrynbedw House
LambJamesBlandy TerraceBrynbedw House
LambertEdith M.John Street44
LargeDavidLlewellyn Street23
LargePhylisLlewellyn Street23
LaurenceEdnaOakfield Terrace75
LaurenceEdwinCadwgan Street36
LavisEvelynCadwgan Street11
LawrenceBenjaminBrookland Terrace22
LawrenceWilliam J.Oakfield Terrace75
LeeBetty T.John Street80
LeeCifford J.John Street80
LeeEdward C.John Street35
LeeElizabethOgwy Street62
LeeElizabeth M.John Street35
LeesonElizabethWaunlwlyd Street10
LeesonMildred K.Waunlwlyd Street10
LeesonWalter C.Waunlwlyd Street10
LewisAliceBrookland Terrace32
LewisAnne E.Brookland Terrace7
LewisAnnieCommercial StNantymoel Hotel
LewisAnnieOakfield Terrace89
LewisAnnie J.Dinam Street51
LewisCaswallonWaungoch Street21
LewisCatherineDinam Street52
LewisCeinwenOgwy Street32
LewisDanielOgwy Street32
LewisDavid H.Commercial StNantymoel Hotel
LewisEdith L.Waungoch Street21
LewisEdward T.Waungoch Street24
LewisElizabethDinam Street18
LewisElizabeth A.Brookland Terrace7
LewisFrances M.Brookland Terrace12
LewisGeorgeOakfield Terrace89
LewisGeorge E.Dinam Street8
LewisGertrude A.Brookland Terrace7
LewisGlyn A.Osborne Terrace9
LewisGwilymGraigfryn Terrace11
LewisIdrisOakfield Terrace44
LewisIris M.Brookland Terrace2A
LewisJennettDinam Street27
LewisJoan M.Dinam Street52
LewisJosephBrookland Terrace12
LewisJoseph J.Garon Terrace9
LewisLewis M.Court Colman Street13
LewisMalcolmWaungoch Street21
LewisMargaret M.Graigfryn Terrace11
LewisMargaret M.Waungoch Street24
LewisMaryOgwy Street37
LewisNora C.Dinam Street52
LewisNormanWaungoch Street21
LewisOliveCardigan Terrace1
LewisOlwenDinam Street8
LewisPeggieOsborne Terrace9
LewisPhillipPark Street10
LewisRachel A.Oakfield Terrace44
LewisRichardPark Street13
LewisRobertCourt Colman Street13
LewisRosina E.Dinam Street51
LewisSarahOakfield Terrace89
LewisSinah E.Station Road33
LewisThomasDinam Street18
LewisThomasOakfield Terrace89
LewisWilliamStation Road33
LewisWilliamDinam Street24
LewisWilliamBrookland Terrace32
LewisWilliamGaron Terrace9
LewisWilliam A.Vale View38
LewisWilliam C.Brookland Terrace7
LewisWilliam G.Vale View52
LewisWilliam R.Dinam Street28
LeyDoraPark Street18
LeyGeorge E.Park Street18
LeyKenneth G.Park Street18
LeyWilliam R.Park Street18
ListerBeatrice A.Brookland Terrace33
ListerIris M.Cadwgan Street37
ListerThomas F.Brookland Terrace33
ListerThomas R.Cadwgan Street37
LlewellynA.Oakfield Terrace88
LlewellynDaisy M.Oakfield Terrace88
LlewellynElizabethCommercial St47A
LlewellynMavisCommercial St47
LlewellynSelwynArnant Villas12
LlewellynSydneyCommercial St47
LlewellynWilliamPark Street19
LlloydRobertGwendoline Street21
LlloydVioletGwendoline Street21
LloydAlice V.D.Park Street15
LloydAnnieCommercial St31
LloydAnnie J.John Street7
LloydBronwen M.Station Road6
LloydCatherine J.John Street37A
LloydCyrilBlaenogwr Terrace17
LloydDanielWaunlwlyd Street16
LloydDorisDinam Street30
LloydEdgar T.Waunlwlyd Street32
LloydEdward E.Station Road6
LloydEdward E.Arnant Villas5
LloydEdward R.Nantymoel Row29
LloydElizabethGwendoline Street14
LloydElizabeth J.Commercial StBethel House
LloydElsieBlaenogwr Terrace17
LloydEthel J.Graigfryn Terrace8
LloydEvanGwendoline Street14
LloydEvan J.John Street7
LloydEvan W.Waungoch Street5
LloydFrederickCadwgan Street6
LloydGranville C.Dinam Street30
LloydHaroldPark Street15
LloydHughDinam Street31
LloydHugh A.Graigfryn Terrace8
LloydIdrisOgwy Street9
LloydIsiahOgwy Street96
LloydJohnOgwy Street13
LloydMargaret E.Ogwy Street96
LloydMary A.Waunlwlyd Street16
LloydMary E.Ogwy Street9
LloydRuthJohn Street88
LloydSarah E.Waungoch Street5
LloydStanleyOgwy Street9
LloydThomasCommercial StBethel House
LloydThomasOgwy Street22
LloydThomasJohn Street88
LloydThomas J.Llanharan Terrace9
LloydWilliam G.John Street37A
LloydWinifred M.Waunlwlyd Street32
LockFrederick J.Dinam Street25
LockGeorgeDinam Street47
LockJennet A.Dinam Street25
LockMildredDinam Street47
LockyerHubert C.Oakfield Terrace38
LockyerWinifred I.Oakfield Terrace38
LukeJaneWaunlwlyd Street24
LukeLeonard G.Waunlwlyd Street24
LunnonGordon G.Brookland Terrace13
LunnonRaymond C.Park Street11
LunnonViola M.Park Street11
LusardiAmabileOgwy Street12
LusardiHendryOgwy Street12
LusardiLugiOgwy Street12

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