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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – R

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
RattrayE22St John Street47R.O.F
ReedA130High Street49R.O.F
ReedT73St John Street48G.W.R
ReedG W96St John Street58Miner
ReesW J26Adare Street18Miner
ReesG4Bethania Row37Miner
ReesM E4Bethania Row36Miner
ReesJ M18Caedu Road41Clerk
ReesL G23Caedu Road42Miner
ReesP19Commercial Street47Miner
ReesT G5Corbett Street47Miner
ReesG5Corbett Street26Miner
ReesD T5Corbett Street23Miner
ReesA G14Glyn Street29Miner
ReesT97High Street52Draper
ReesM116High Street51Miner
ReesB116High Street24Labourer
ReesI J18Prospect Place45R.O.F
ReesE29River Street52R.O.F
ReesJ38St John Street46Miner
ReynoldsE E18Bridge Street50Labourer
RichardsA E S45Dunraven Place45Surveyor
RichardsG7Hendre Avenue41Miner
RichardsW G30Oxford Square45R.O.F
RichardsG T34Oxford Square42R.O.F
RichardsA J8Prospect Place32Miner
Richards13Prospect Place54Clerk
RichardsJ18River Street55R.O.F
RichardsT105St John Street43Miner
RichardsI2Wyndham Street41Miner
RidgewayA J3Cardiff Street45Miner
RidgewayL1John Street 
RidgwayL G8Railway Terrace26Miner
RileyB W23Cardiff Street53Miner
RobertsJ2 BungalowBryn Road47School Att. Officer
RobertsJ D21Commercial Street59Miner
RobertsW T117St John Street58R.O.F
RobertsE117St John Street31Miner
RobertsS J117St John Street21Miner
RobertsR30Walters Road58Miner
RodgersA108High Street18R.O.F
RogersG12Cardiff Street48Miner
RoseJ R5Bryn Road41R.O.F
RoseB J20Walters Road40R.O.F
RoseC J20Walters Road29Grocery Mger
RossiterJ20Bridge Street49Miner
RowdenM G22Bridge Street33Labourer
RowlandsR2Prospect Place52Surveyor
RyallG T63St John Street56Miner
RyallD V63St John Street24Plumber

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