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Ogmore Vale Fire Wardens 1941-42 – W

Click on the letter below for the list of names beginning with that letter.
SurnameFirst Name/InitialsHouse No/NameStreetAgeOccupation
WaiteI16Highland Place44R.O.F
WalkerJ W4Tynewydd Row29Miner
WalkerB W10Tynewydd Row37Miner
WalkerS T1University Bldgs27Miner
WalkerE G1University Bldgs25Miner
WarehamC1ACardiff Street30Miner
WarehamJ6Cemetery Road24Miner
WarehamG14Cemetery Road37Miner
WarehamW G4Fern Street32Miner
WarehamW J1Gorwyl Road55Miner
WarehamC1Gorwyl Road48Miner
WarehamA W2Hill Street33Miner
WarrenA J19Adare Street Miner
WarrenW T8Moira Terrace56Miner
WatersJ12Glyn Street51R.O.F
WatkinsR M12Hill Street49Miner
WatkinsG12Hill Street18Miner
WatkinsT78St John Street50Miner
WatkinsC B38Wyndham Street22Press Operator
WattsW S20Corbett Street44Miner
WattsM20Corbett Street18Miner
WattsE31Hill Street47Miner
WattsW H23Suffolk Place21Miner
WattsR C23Suffolk Place19Miner
WattsLewis9Vale View56Miner
WattsT J1Wyndham Street38Miner
WebberJ12Adare Street52Miner
WebberW A12Adare Street30Miner
WebberR28Adare Street19Miner
WebberG E22Cardiff Street59Miner
WebberF W112High Street28Company Sec.
WebberG H44Sunnyside58Miner
WebberG E R57Sunnyside38R.O.F
WebsterO J27Adare Street35Miner
WebsterD C3Blandy Terrace45Miner
WebsterW16Elm Terrace38Miner
WebsterR6Greenfield Terrace41Miner
WebsterT H52High Street53Miner
WebsterH15Meadow Street37R.O.F
WebsterF J1North Road28Miner
Webster44Wyndham Street33G.W.R
Webster44Wyndham Street30Miner
WelshR109St John Street18Bread Man
WhatleyJ F G11Elm Terrace57Plumber
WheelerE36St John Street48Miner
WheelerW G28Walters Road45Miner
WhiteW29Cardiff Street59Miner
WhiteH F25St John Street34Miner
WhiteG37Wyndham Street19Miner
WhitingJ105High Street50Miner
WhitingH A119St John Street38R.O.F
WilcoxH38Bryn Road35Miner
WilkinsG90St John Street59R.O.F
William D J5ARhiwglyn Road35Miner
Williams E33Adare Street50Plasterer
Williams E106Adare Street38Miner
Williams C5Blandy Terrace23Miner
Williams J9Commercial Street60Miner
Williams A7Coronation Street45Miner
Williams R D7Coronation Street20Miner
Williams R24Dunraven Place48Artisan
Williams R73Dunraven Place47Miner
Williams R J1Elm Terrace49Ins. Agent
Williams J G1Elm Terrace23Miner
Williams G E2Elm Terrace44Miner
Williams D R21Fronwen Terrace57Miner
Williams E27Fronwen Terrace39Miner
Williams D GGlenviewGlyn Street38Schoolteacher
Williams E5Greenfield Terrace31Miner
Williams D O70High Street30Miner
Williams R146High Street41Miner
Williams E J22Llewellyn Street40Miner
Williams D J7St John Street58Ashman
Williams I32St John Street42Miner
Williams J51St John Street30Miner
Williams H J135St John Street51Labourer
Williams J W2Sunnyside37Miner
Williams T2Sunnyside25Miner
Williams R V11Sunnyside41Miner
Williams H22Tynewydd Row39Miner
Williams E36Wyndham Street57Miner
WinterJ C30Hendre Avenue48C.W.S
Witt K L25Meadow Street28Bricklayer
WittsH30Dunraven Place43Miner
WittsT1Llewellyn Street48Miner
WittsA M3Llewellyn Street40Miner
WittsJ27Prospect Place49Miner
WittsJ41St John Street25Miner
WoganJ W57Walters Road28Miner
WoodR E24Hendre Avenue Miner
WoodF26Tynewydd Row57Labourer
WoodsA J1Bryn Road32Miner
WoosnamR38High Street59R.O.F
WoosnamD J64High Street33R.O.F
WoosnamJ144High Street57Miner
WorthyT W22Wyndham Street46Miner
WrightT J9Cardiff Street39R.O.F
WyattA1Alma Terrace42R.O.F
WymanF N21Cemetery Road32Miner

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