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Nantymoel “Nantmole” Level Colliery Deaths

It is probable that a level on the No. 3 Rhondda house coal seam was opened up by a local farmer sometime before 1865 when the Ogmore Valley Railway was opened for traffic on the 1st August 1865. A “Balance” tramway was constructed in 1865/66 by Messrs. Brogden and Sons to provide access to the railway so that the colliery could be brought into commercial production.

During its working life at least four levels or entries were driven into the outcrop of the No. 3 Rhondda Seam.

The method of working was based on the pillar and stall system.

It ceased production prior to the Ordnance Survey of 1874/75 – probably in 1873.

These levels were reopened illegally by striking colliers during the 1921 and 1926 strikes and they acquired the local name of “Klondike colliery”.

EvansJohn314th Mar 1868

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